Advisor Updates

  • August Update

    Texas FCCLA Advisor: Back to School Update


    In case you missed the advisor update in your email, you can view all of the information here. Get a recap of the 2017 National Leadership Conference, read about our new theme, changes to the website, upcoming events and everything you need to start the 2017-2018 school year off right!


    Have a great school year!

  • September Update

    Texas FCCLA Advisor: September Update


    In case you missed the advisor update in your email, you can view all of the information here. Get the latest updates regarding a new payment address change, Competitive Event Task Force meeting, hurricane relief fund, new advisor resources, current Fall Leadership Workshops, upcoming Career Days and much more!


  • Competitive Event Update

    Texas FCCLA Advisor: Competitive Event Update


    In case you missed the email update, view he competitive event update here. The Texas FCCLA Competitive Event Task Force met in September to complete the changes made for the 2017-18 school year. Learn about changes to the Culinary guidelines, new National Say Yes to FCS STAR event and so much more.

  • October Update

    Texas FCCLA Advisor: October Update


    In case you missed it in your email, view the October update here. Read about upcoming affiliation deadlines, changes to the officer application, reminder of address change, upcoming Career Days, and so much more.

  • November Update

    Texas FCCLA Advisor: November Update


    In case you missed it in your email, view the November update here!  Read about the many upcoming deadlines, including: affiliation deadlines, officer applications, competitive event registration and much more.  Read about becoming a lead consultant, the new Member Spotlight campaign, Alumni & Associates, National FCCLA program awards, donating to the hurricane relief fund and the many Career Days coming up with the Rockets and the Spurs.


    Stay connected with Texas FCCLA.

  • December Update

    Texas FCCLA Advisor: December Update


    In case you missed the update in your email you can find a copy of it right here. Get informed about some very important deadlines coming up in January concerning conference registration. If you are interested in becoming a lead consultant at one of the region conferences or know someone who would make a great evaluator, find more information in this update! More about substitution requests, scholarships, Member Spotlight, Hurricane Relief Fund, an affiliated member updated count and so much more to know!

  • January Update

  • February Update

    Texas FCCLA Advisors: February Update


    State Conference is coming up, check out all the details on where you can help out! We need help at registration, lead consultants, evaluators and exhibitors. There is  much more information on the talent show, State Connection Team, service learning project and so much more buzz around the state meeting. Deadlines are approaching, learn more here! Find more updates on what is going on this month and what is to come!


  • May Update

    Texas FCCLA Advisors: May Update


    End of the year feedback- if you missed the first survey, there's one more chance to submit feedback concerning the State Leadership Conference.


    We are rolling out a new Advisor Resources Google Drive full of documents and presentations submitted by other Texas FCCLA advisors. If you would like to submit anything to the drive or check it out, learn more here!


    Last minute reminders for those headed to Atlanta for the National Leadership Conference and a note about red blazers.


    The summer is approaching, which means our Summer Summits will be happening as well as the Family Consumer Sciences Teachers Association of Texas (FCSTAT) Conference! Learn more here.


    2019 region conference dates are also posted for early planning!