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February 12-16, 2018



Monday: Family

  • Make dinner for your family


Tuesday: Career

  • Invite a guidance counselor to speak with students about college and careers.
  • Interview someone that works in a career filed you're interested in
  • Invite a guest speaker from an FCS career


Wednesday: Community

  • Volunteer in your community
  • Give a Thank You basket for the community business that supports your chapter
  • Hang an FCCLA banner somewhere in your community.
  • Decorate business windows.
  • Promote FCCLA in local newspaper or on radio


Thursday: Leaders

  • Create inspirational leadership posters for your school.
  • Send Thank You letters to community leaders.
  • Provide breakfast for school staff.
  • Appreciate school cafeteria/custodial staff.


Friday: America

  • Learn one new fact about the FCCLA organization in America and share it on social media.
  • Have an FCCLA fact scavenger hunt.